ACCURAY Training & Staff Certification

Laser training should not be difficult nor hard to learn.  The I.C.E. software along with the detail to make the D60 and Q45 the easiest lasers to use is just another reason why they are set above other lasers on the market.
  • You will receive a thorough and comprehensive manual that takes you through all functions.
  • There will also be training videos posted as well as tips on treatment methods and laser use.
  • When you purchase the the ACCURAY, you will also receive for free a full certification course with our trainer.  This course is nearly four hours long and done live over your computer and internet.  This training satisfies all requirements in states that may require this.   Normally, this training is over $500, but free with the purchase of ACCYRAY.  This specialized training from one of the most noted laser experts in the country guarantees you and your staff can treat nearly any condition presented in your clinic.