Class IV laser therapy utilizes an infra-red electromagnetic energy.

It is extremely safe and patients often feel a mild warming sensation.

When the laser light source is placed against your skin, photons penetrate several centimeters down and are absorbed by the mitochondria (the energy producing part of a cell).

With each treatment, the power and energy from the laser help to increase biologic circulation.
This causes an increase by absorbing more H20, 02, and specified nutrients to areas of damage and inflammation.
By doing this, a therapeutic heating zone is established that in turn helps to reduce painful inflammation, spasm of contributing muscles, swelling and associated areas of pain.
Because of the ACCURAY laser emission; these mentioned modalities help injured tissues and areas to return to a more homeostatic normalization.
ACCURAY interacts at the cellular level.
This interaction increases the metabolic actions inside of the cell as well as affecting the cell membrane which thus allows for the increased flow of nutrients.
Because of this increased transport, ATP is excited with interaction through the cytochrome oxidate system.
This continued procession of expanded reactions thus continues the process of healing and pain reduction.
It has been well-established that different therapeutic wavelengths affect different tissues and at different levels.
It has also been well known that many Class Illb lasers, no matter the argument, do not have the power to reach deeper tissues.
If according to Class IIIb laser manufacturer’s wavelength was the only factor and not power, then there would be no use having a laser with any energy at all.
ACCURAY offers power levels and wavelengths with the ability to reach both deep and superficial levels.
If wavelength has been determined to generate the beams extent of infiltration, than the power predisposes the superabundance at the intended depth.
Having one without the other is a futile attempt to obtain a satisfactory result.
The power of the laser equates to a specific number of photons that can be delivered over an assemblage of time.
Placed energy is measured in Joules.
1 watt of power equates to 1 Joule of energy per second. Beginning with more watts of power at the surface level equates to more ingression to the relevant depth.