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Purchasing the ACCURAY Family of Lasers

When you purchase the ACCURAY D30 or the ACCURAY Q45, you will receive a turnkey tool kit needed to begin providing therapy and rehabilitation within minutes – vs. hours.
  • ACCURAY Base Unit
  • New Touch Play Emitter
  • Laser Sign
  • Marketing Tool Kit
  • Virtual Training
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Custom Carrying Case

The ACCURAY also comes with easy-to-use accessory treatment pieces for the emitter.  These free accessories screw into the end of the emitter for a secure and tight fit.  You will find that the accessory package are some of the finest products built in both quality and treatment capabilities of any laser produced.  The laser cage is used for treating off or close to the skin.  The “crystal ball” accessory is excellent for actual skin contact.  The crystal ball allows you to make direct skin contact and press deeper as needed or to stimulate trigger or accu points.   Plus, laser reflection is reduced and the patients also like the stimulating pressure from the contact.

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